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Horatio Caine/Rick Stetler Slash Community
Discussion: Slash 
14th-Nov-2011 08:19 am
Slash 1
Things are a little slow fic-wise, so I decided to start a discussion.

When did you first enter the realm of slash fanfiction? Do you often slash characters who are displayed in canon as 'rivals'?
4th-Feb-2013 12:53 am (UTC) - my insight into the fanfictional world
It has been since a while...can I say since 2002,more or less?
Or even before.I always loved the yaoi and slash stories,and decided to begin to write them,too.
even if I love Horatio caine,I didn't know that there was an entire community dedicated to the fanfictions that peopel use to write about him and STetler,Wolfe,Speedle,etc,etc...or whoever.
I am thinking in to join the community,too..Perhaps I could write soemthing acceptable?
Nice to meet you,Horatio lovers!
(By the way my personal piggy bank's name is Horatio)
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